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Terms & Conditions

I. General Terms

  1. Used in the below Terms & Conditions expressions mean:
    • Terms & Conditions – this Terms & Conditions of the NINETY EIGHT CLOTHING Internet Store,
    • Store – NINETY EIGHT CLOTHING Internet Store established under the address of,
    • Working days – days during the week from Monday to Friday excluding all statutory holidays,
    • Consumer Protection Act – Consumer Protection and Responsibilities for Harm Caused by Dangerous Produce Act from 2nd March 2000 (Official Journal No. 22, point 271 with changes),
    • Personal Data Protection Act – Personal Data Protection Act from 29th August 1997 (Official Journal from 2002 No. 101, point 926 with changes).
  2. Terms & Conditions are defining all rules regarding purchase of goods in Internet Store
  3. The Store is established by Mr. Karol Skrzypczak, owner of the NINETY EIGHT CLOTHING Karol Skrzypczak Company, Czempińska 33 Street, 64-000 Kościan, NIP:788-137-05-38, REGON: 300768016, registered in the Central Register of Activities and Information about Business
  4. Placing an order is equal to accepting all Terms & Conditions.
  5. Content of the Terms & Conditions would be send to the purchaser e-mail address with the confirmation of the placed order.
  6. The Store is only conducting the Internet sale.
  7. For the proper functioning of the Internet Store and placing the order required a computer with the Internet connection with Windows XP or newer and one of the following web browser:
    • Google Chrome,
    • Opera,
    • Internet Explorer,
    • Mozilla Firefox.
  8. 1. Contract for the purchase of goods is made according to Polish law and in Polish language.


II. Goods

  1. The scope of sale are goods presented and described on the web page
  2. All prices are presented in Euro and include tax.
  3. All prices presented near to each item are binding in the moment of placing of order.
  4. All text information’s and photographs presented in the Store’s Internet Website are protected by the Intellectual Property Law. Therefore it is prohibited to copy and distribute any content of this Store and using it in any manner without the consent of the Store’s owner.


III. Registration

  1. Placing of the order is possible after registration of the user or as a ‘guest’.
  2. Registration is free and it can be done by filling up the form presented on the Store’s Internet website.
  3. During the registration or order placing as a ‘guest’ you need to place only correct and real information, otherwise the order could be canceled;.
  4. Making a registration in the Store or by placing the order as a ‘guest’, customer is consenting to processing his personal data (name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number) by the Store in regard to conclusion of the order.
  5. Placing all personal data is voluntary, however lack of consent for processing the personal data is preventing the performance of the contract and fulfillment of the order;.
  6. Customer, may also consent for processing the personal data to receive information’s about new produce, services and promotions.
  7. All personal data are protected by the Personal Data Protection Act and the access of third party to those personal data is prohibited.
  8. Customer have the right to review all personal data, change them or delete them


IV. Terms of sale

  1. Orders are placed only electronically via webpage , 7 days a week, 24 hours a day
  2. Placing an order takes place by clicking on the chosen good, choose an appropriate size and click ‘to the basket’ then choose the method of payment and click ‘order’. Purchaser can in any time finish the ordering process by closing the web browser or by pressing the button ‘remove all’
  3. After placing the order, the purchaser will receive on the provided e-mail address a confirmation of the order and the orders number
  4. The order will be fulfilled only if the goods are available in the storage. In case when some of the ordered goods are not available, the purchaser will be informed on the provided e-mail address and will have the possibility to choose if he would like to receive available items, wait until all ordered items will be available or cancel the order
  5. Only the orders with a correct filled order form will be proceed.
  6. In case of purchaser mistake or erroneous calculation of the order by the system, the purchaser has the right to change the order within 12 hours period from the moment of its confirmation by the Store. The Store will inform the purchaser on the e-mail previously provided about the correction in the order placed.
  7. Protection, provision and confirmation of the most important terms of the contract is taking place by sending to the provided by the purchaser e-mail address specification of the order, Terms & Conditions and upon delivery of goods the receipt or the invoice with the order.


V. Returns

  1. According to the Consumer Protection Act, purchaser who is the consumer, can resign from the ordered goods in the Store without placing the reason in 10 days period from the date of delivery.
  2. With the return goods, the purchaser need also sent back to Store (Czempińska 33 Street, 64-000 Kościan) proof of the purchase (invoice or receipt)..
  3. The Store is guarantying the return of money according to the Article 7 pint 3 Consumer Protection Act. The money will be returned in 14 days period (counting from the day of receiving the return goods) by the bank transfer to the bank account indicated by the purchaser
  4. The return of goods is not applicable to the goods personalized for the purchaser and strictly connected with the purchaser.
  5. The Store is not accepting return goods send on the cost of the Store or by the cash on delivery.
  6. Returned goods could not present any signs of use, should be originally packed and have all original tags.

VI. Complains

  1. “Purchaser, who acts as a consumer has the right to place the complain according to Specific Conditions of Consumer Sale Act and Civil Code”
  2. The complaint is reviewed only if the complaint good is delivered to the Store with the copy of the sale proof (invoice or receipt) and with the information about the incompatibility of the goods.
  3. Complains will be review in the 14 day period from the day of receiving such complaint.
  4. Complains should be placed on the address: NINETY EIGHT CLOTHING Karol Skrzypczak, Czempińska 33 Street, 64-00 Kościan.
  5. Complains regarding the functioning of the internet store should be placed on the address: NINETY EIGHT CLOTHING Karol Skrzypczak, Czempińska 33 Street, 64-00 Kościan or by e-mail
  6. Complains regarding the functioning of the store will be reviewed in the 14 day period from the date of notification.


VII. Delivery

  1. Costs of the delivery are placed on the purchaser.
  2. Orders are delivered via Polish Post or by the courier services.
  3. Cost of the delivery depends on the method of payment and the chosen way of delivery.
  4. Costs of delivery are always presented next to the goods presented in the basked before placing the order.
  5. Ordered goods are delivered only during the working days. The time of delivery is between 3 and 10 working days from the day of confirmation of the order by the Store.
  6. When, during the delivery, the packaging is showing signs of damage or any interference with the content of the package, the purchaser should refuse the package and at the presence of the employee of the Polish Post or the courier company prepare the protocol in which the purchaser will report the damages to the Store.


VIII Payments

  1. Purchaser, by ordering any goods in the Store is accepting the unsigned VAT invoice
  2. Purchaser can choose between following method of payment:
    • Prepayment – payment directly to the bank account presented on the Store web page or via PayPal
  3. In case of choosing the prepayment method, purchaser is obliged to pay with 7 days from the day of the placing of the order. In case of lack of payment the order will be cancelled
  4. There is a possibility to change the method of payment after the placing the order – please contact the Store employee.


IX. Final provision

  1. Promotions and discounts could not be combined
  2. Information presented on the web page of the Store not constitute an offer in the meaning of the Polish Civil Code. Purchaser placing an order by mechanism available on the web page is placing the offer for the purchase of the specified goods.